Publications at AIIMS Patna

List of Publications

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434 Kumar P, Ranjan R, Kumar S, Jain M. Challenges of psychosocial rehabilitation: In Different strokes volume VI, challenges of psychiatry, published by publication committee of Indian Psychiatric Society. Editor: Singh Pk. Second edition, January 2020, 68-81.
433 Ranjan R, Meha M, Kumar P. Information booklet for parents with Autism spectrum disorder 2019.
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428 Jena M, Ranjan R, Mishra BR ,Mishra A, Nath S,Sahu P,Meher BR, Srinivasan A, Maiti R. Effect of Lurasidone vs Olanzapine on neurotrophic biomarkers in unmedicated Schizophrenia: A randomized, controlled trial. Journal of Psychiatric Research 2019; 112, 1-6.
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420 Delhi Psychiatry Journal 2015. 18 (1): 177-83
419 Ranjan R, Sundar G. Designer Drugs: An overview and challenges in Indian drug abuse scenario.
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